Serial Diluter UC: Automating Resource-Efficient Microbiological Dilutions in Bags

Step into the future of microbiology lab efficiency, where the manual manipulation of dilution blanks as well as the operation of vortexers or shakers is a thing of the past. The Serial Diluter UC, combined with our Serial Dilution Bags, not only offers economic advantages but also underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Key Features of the Serial Diluter UC

  • Automatic Mixing and Filling: The system takes care of mixing and filling after sample addition, enhancing convenience and precision.
  • Light-Assisted Pipetting: Light indicators assist in the pipetting process, providing visual cues for user guidance.
  • User-Centric Operation: Minimal user intervention required, ensuring peak operational speed and consistency.
  • High resource efficiency: The Serial Dilution Bags are the sample containers with the lowest material consumption worldwide.
  • Upgrade Option: Serial Diluter UA users can effortlessly upgrade to Serial Diluter UC by connecting the Bagholder UC, unlocking enhanced features and capabilities.

Its automatic measuring and dispensing of diluent, combined with automatic mixing, eliminate the need for additional handling. This simplifies the process to the extent that the sole required step is pipetting the sample, leading to enhanced ergonomics and a notable acceleration of the dilution process. Importantly, this acceleration is independent of the manual skills of laboratory technicians.

Experience the Swiss-engineered ease and efficiency of Inlabtec’s serial dilution solution and discover the benefits of our Serial Diluter UC today!