Pipette Tip Cutter: 1 ml Pipette Tips into Wide-bore Tips with Ease

Pipette tips with a wide opening simplify liquid handling for challenging sample types such as viscous liquids, particle-rich suspensions, or sensitive cell suspensions to minimize shear forces. They prove highly advantageous, especially when using the Serial Diluter TA, as they enable maximum processing speeds.
The Pipette Tip Cutter provides a practical solution for customizing standard 1 ml pipette tips into wide-bore versions. With the help of a screwdriver, you can easily adjust the desired diameter and effortlessly trim the pipette tip to your specifications.

Video Pipette Tip Cutter
Demonstration of the Pipette Tip Cutter with comments in English.
Prices and scope of delivery Pipette Tip Cutter

The listed prices are in CHF excl. VAT and valid for Switzerland. In other countries, the prices of the respective distribution partner apply.

Part. No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
100230Pipette Tip Cutter, for enlarging the outlet opening of 1 ml pipette tips, cutting lenght adjustable for constant outlet diameter.
100231Replacement blades for Pipette Tip Cutter 100230, 5 pieces

Specifications Pipette Tip Cutter
Compatible with1 ml Pipette Tips
cutting lenght
2 - 10 mm
Typical maximum diameter of the outlet after cuttingca. 2.5 mm
Material cutterPolyamide (PA)
Material bladeSteel, replaceable
Weight30 g

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