Homogenizer Bags for easiest and safest sampling after stomaching

The Inlabtec Homogenizer Bags are compatible with all homogenizers/ stomachers/ bag mixers and are the only ones with a short seal at the bag opening. This allows the bags to be turned over sideways without liquid escaping for convenient sampling without the risk of pipette contamination.

Same degree of homogenization with or without filter

The Homogenizer Bags Filter have the sample filter integrated in the bag inlet area. This guarantees that the filter remains intact during homogenization in the stomacher and that the filter has no influence on homogenization process. Only when the bag is turned over the suspension is filtered for particle-free sampling.

Clean and comfortable sampling independent of sample volume

Up to five homogenizer bags can be stored in the rack to save space. To take samples from the individual bags, the rack is folded down. If the bag contains more than 150 ml, the rack is folded down on the Rack Tilter. This allows the contents of the bag to be accessed by the pipette without liquid escaping. The upper position of the Rack Tilter is intended for 150 to 350 ml and the lower position for 350 to 500 ml bag contents.

Space-saving storage of individual bags

Homogenizer Bags from various manufacturers can be easily stowed away in the Bagboard for safe handling and space-saving storage.