Customer Satisfaction: Our Top Priority

Our solutions are characterized by easy and comfortable operation, reliable analysis results, optimal use of available resources, and lower costs compared to alternative technologies. Our aim is to provide our customers with a competitive advantage and sustainably improve their market position and profitability. To find out more about what our customers report, please read on.

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«Unthinkable that test tubes are used again in our laboratory for dilutions. »

Alexandra Dostal, Cantonal Laboratory of Thurgau, Frauenfeld, Switzerland

«I was not aware until now that by using the Serial Diluter we have achieved such better consistency in z-score values for all techniciens! »

Martin Jörg, Microbact AG, Langenthal, Switzerland

«The Serial Diluter works perfectly and saves us a lot of work. We can no more imagine a step backwards to the dilution tubes. »

Rainer Hofmann, SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS GMBH, Freiburg, Germany

«Works perfectly, very satisfied. Appealing, as there is little plastic waste.»

Kathrin Hauser, AGES Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety Ltd., Graz, Austria

«Our analysts have confirmed that the Inlabtec Serial Diluter helps to optimise their time and therefore has improved the workflow. »

Farzana Sultana, 20/30 Labs Ltd., Northampton, United Kingdom


The reliability, the elimination of error sources, the optimised use of resources and the low operating costs convinced the Amt für Verbraucherschutz AG, Switzerland. [PDF]

The Inlabtec Serial Diluter has clearly exceeded the high expectations of simplicity, reliability and accuracy for all ZLM team members, regardless of their professional experience. [PDF]

The problem-free handling of short-term increased sample volumes and the enormous simplification of work quickly made the Serial Diluter indispensable at LKS. [PDF]

The Inlabtec Serial Dilution System convinced the laboratory team of Wander AG with its simplicity, reliability and pleasant operation. [PDF]

After a short introduction and familiarisation phase, the Wessling laboratory team in Lyss appreciates the simple, fast, precise and comfortable work. [PDF]

20/30 Labs Ltd., a leading accredited UK microbiological testing laboratory has been subject to a positive assessment by the United Kingdom Accreditation Body (UKAS) for using the Serial Diluter as part of their accredited method. [PDF]

Despite initial scepticism from some SGS team members about the Serial Diluter, integration into the workflow proved to be very easy because no process changes or special training was required. [PDF]

Video created by SGS Fresenius for internal training on working with Serial Diluter SA. [MP4]