Serial Dilution Bags – eco-friendly consumable for sample dilutions

The material-optimized disposable Serial Dilution Bags are specially designed for the Inlabtec Serial Diluter systems and are intended for the cost-effective preparation of dilutions for microbiological testing of food, water, probiotics, etc.
The sterile Serial Dilution Bags are made of only about 250 mg pure polyethylene and the plastic waste generated after use is ten to thirty times less than with conventional disposable test tubes or cups. Therefore the Serial Dilution Bags reduce effort and costs without unnecessarily burdening the environment and are the most adequate consumable for reliable and convenient preparations of decimal dilutions.

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Prices and scope of delivery of Serial Dilution Bags

The listed prices are valid for Switzerland. In other countries, the prices of the respective distribution partner apply.

Part. No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
100100Serial Dilution Bags, for the use with Inlabtec Serial Diluters,
1'000 Bags / Box, sterile, Box sealed in a protective film
Specifications of Serial Dilution Bags
Quantity/ Box1'000 Bags
Maximum volume10 ml
Material thickness15 - 20 µm
Raw materialHighest grade, virginal polyethylene (PE)
SterilizationBy radiation according to ISO 1137-1/-2
Sterility assurance levelSAL 10-3
Expiration time (EXP)5 years from date of manufacture
Dimensions Bags (W x H)60 x 110 mm
Dimensions Box (W x H x D)
135 x 50 x 235 mm
Material Boxlint-free cardboard, printing ink and cardboard free from heavy metals

Questions and answers about Serial Dilution Bags

Here you can find answers to your questions about the Serial Dilution Bags and find out if the solution is useful for your laboratory. If you are interested and need more information, please contact us via contact form. We are happy to be of service.

What are the cost savings per dilution?

The costs per dilution are reduced on average by a factor of 3 – 5 if readymade disposable dilution vials or cups have been used up to now.
If the test tubes are still washed, filled and sterilized in the laboratory, the costs per dilution are reduced depending on the saved working time and its costs as well as the reduced infrastructure costs.

Savings and payback time is determined by the previous cost of preparing test tubes or the cost of pre-filled disposable dilution vials. On Our Solution a savings calculator can be found to check whether the use of a Serial Diluter is worthwhile for your laboratory under the given circumstances.

What is simplified, is different?
  • The time-consuming preparation of test tubes or the purchase of expensive disposable test tubes is eliminated.
  • Dilution is accelerated by simplified handling, which also reduces the risk for repetitive strain injuries, as test tubes and lids do not have to be manipulated and mixing is automatic.
Is it ecologically sensible to use Serial Dilution Bags?

Serial Dilution Bags reduce plastic waste by a factor of 10-30.

Approximately 250 mg of polyethylene (PE) is required for the production of a Serial Dilution Bag. In contrast, a prefilled disposable container consumes between 2.5 – 7.5 g of plastic, depending on the design. One kilogram of polyethlyene is sufficient for 4’000 dilutions in Serial Dilution Bags; with conventional consumables, it is only sufficient for 130 to max. 400 dilutions.

The energy consumption for transport is also lower by factors: 250 mg per serial dilution bag vs. 11.5 – 16 g per plastic container filled with 9 ml diluent. It is questionable whether it makes sense to send saline/peptone water around the world, especially since the diluent for primary dilution in the stomacher is already available in the laboratory and the quantity can be easily increased.

The energy consumption for the production of the Serial Dilution Bags is also moderate compared to the rinsing of test tubes: The energy consumption of one rinsing machine cycle corresponds approximately to the consumption for the production of 400 Serial Dilution Bags. Together with the energy required for filling and autoclaving the test tubes, the expected additional demand for the bags is not too great, if at all.

What is the energy consumption for the production of Serial Dilution Bags?

The energy required to manufacture 1’000 Serial Dilution Bags is approximately 20 MJ. Of this, 8 MJ (40%) is recovered in waste incineration. The net energy requirement is therefore around 12 MJ for 1’000 Serial Dilution Bags.
For comparison: a washing cycle for 1’000 test tubes with a dishwasher consumes about 4 – 6 MJ of energy and sterilization in a steam autoclave consumes about 8 – 10 MJ.

Can Serial Dilution Bags be recycled?

The used Serial Dilution Bags can basically be recycled with other polyethylen waste (PE). In this case, the health risks due to the potential contamination of the bags must be taken into account and appropriate precautions must be taken.

We believe that eliminating plastic waste is a better strategy to help the environment. This principle was the driver for the development of the Serial Diluter

How much storage space do I save with Serial Dilution Bags?

A box Serial Dilution Bags 100100, 13.5 cm x 5 cm x 23.5 cm in size, requires a storage volume of approximately 1.6 l.
Compared to the same amount of filled test tubes or cups, the need for storage space is about thirty times less.

What material are the Serial Dilution Bags made of?

The Serial Dilution Bags are made of high purity virgin polyethylene (PE) under clean room conditions. The Serial Dilution Bags comply with the regulations EU No. 10/ 2011 of 14.1.2011, 1935/ 2004 of 27.10.2004 and 2013/ 2006 of 22.12. 2006 and U.S. FDA 21, CFF 04, Title 21 (plastic materials and articles in contact with food).

Shelf life of the Serial Dilution Bags?

The shelf life at room temperature of the Serial Dilution Bags is guaranteed for five years after production, provided the box is shrink-wrapped in the protective film.

How long can an opened box of Serial Dilution Bags be used?

After removing the protective film from the packaging it is recommended to use the Serial Dilution Bags within three months.

What are the optimal storage conditions for the Serial Dilution Bags?

Store protected from direct solar light at room temperature (10 – 30 °C).

Can I store the filled Serial Dilution Bags?

The used Serial Dilution Bags can be stored in the Bagshell 100030. A Bagshell is included in the scope of delivery.

What is the evaporation rate with filled Serial Dilution Bags compared to classical dilution tubes?

The evaporation rate for filled Serial Dilution Bags and dilution tubes in the refrigerator is identical with approx. 5 – 10 mg (µl) per 24 hours per bag or capped test tube with 9 ml of diluent.

Do the Serial Dilution Bags contain any substances that could inhibit bacterial growth?

As the Serial Dilution Bags are made of high-purity virgin polyethylene and free of any substances that could inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

How is the sterility of the Serial Dilution Bags ensured?

The Serial Dilution Bags are manufactured under cleanest conditions according to DIN EN ISO 13485 for medical device manufacturers. An independent test laboratory has proven through dosimetric and microbiological validation that no microbial growth can be detected and that the Serial Dilution Bags are sterile. The sterility of the produced Serial Dilution Bags is continuously checked.

How is a homogeneous mixing in the Serial Dilution Bags ensured?

The Serial Dilution Bags have been developed together with the Serial Diluter TA for homogeneous dilutions and are characterised as follows:
1. The Serial Dilution Bags are divided in the Serial Diluter into an addition and removal zone in order to exclude carry-over with higher concentrated sample material
2. 45° bevels on the bottom ensure a targeted deflection of the incoming liquid jet, creating a perfect counter-clockwise vortex.
3. The liquid jet is accelerated by an additionally generated pressure surge to quickly form an intensive vortex.
4. The rising air at the end of the liquid delivery causes an abrupt reversal of the vortex’s direction of rotation.

The Serial Diluter UA has an integrated mixer which ensures homogeneous mixing of sample and diluent in the Serial Dilutioni Bags triggered by simply moving the handle from one position to the next. See demo video.

More information on how to use our products can be found in Support.