Eco-Efficient Sample Dilution with Serial Dilution Bags

The Inlabtec Serial Diluter and its innovative Serial Dilution Bags provide efficient microbiological testing for food samples. The bags, made of 250 mg pure polyethylene, reduce plastic waste by 10-30 times compared to conventional disposable vessels. The Serial Dilution Bags offer convenience, time-saving, and cost-effectiveness, all while being eco-friendly.
NEW: The new 2,000-bag roll packaging, similar to Parafilm, further improves the ecological and cost balance.

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Prices and scope of delivery of Serial Dilution Bags

The listed prices are valid for Switzerland. In other countries, the prices of the respective distribution partner apply.

Part. No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
100101Serial Dilution Bags, for the use with Inlabtec Serial Diluters,
2'000 Bags / Box, sterile, Box sealed in a protective film
Specifications of Serial Dilution Bags
Quantity/ Box2'000 Bags
Maximum volume10 ml
Material thickness15 - 20 µm
Raw materialHighest grade, virginal polyethylene (PE)
SterilizationBy radiation according to ISO 1137-1/-2
Sterility assurance levelSAL 10-3
Expiration time (EXP)5 years from date of manufacture
Dimensions bags (W x H)60 x 110 mm
Dimensions box (W x H x D) / Total weight
130 x 125 x 160 mm / 670 g
Cardboard boxlint-free, printing ink and cardboard free from heavy metals

«Works perfectly, very satisfied. Appealing, as there is little plastic waste.»

Kathrin Hauser, AGES Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety Ltd., Graz

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