Comprehensive quality and productivity while reducing the burden on the environment are the focus of our innovations. Our mission is to support laboratories optimize productivity through reliable partial automation and cost-effective, environmentally friendly consumables that generate as little plastic waste as possible after use.

Ernst Freydl, Dr., Dipl. Ing. ETH, founder, did research in plant cell and molecular biology. Education in agricultural sciences and electronics. After his studies, honoured with the ETH medal, he worked for 6 years at universities followed by more than 10 years in leading positions in the laboratory equipment industry.

Erwin Bossart, mechanical engineer FH, partner, founded Bossart Engineering in 1991. He designs and constructs solutions in the fields of laboratory equipment, floor cleaning machines, packaging machines and textile machinery.

Martin Richiger, production manager, partner, is a trained toolmaker. He is familiar with the latest technologies due to his 10 years of experience as training manager and head of support of a CAD/CAM software company. He has been using this know-how for years as production manager in mechanical engineering.

Martin Stamm, mechanical engineer FH, executive MBA, partner, is a mechanical engineer and project manager with extensive experience in various industries.

Werner Vontobel, electrical engineer FH, production engineer STV, partner, is the founder of Vontobel Engineering and has been successfully developing sophisticated electronic control systems for the medical and laboratory industry for 25 years.

Matthias Zäh, industrial designer FH, MAS ETH Caad, project manager and consultant for industrial and corporate design at iNLABTEC AG. Matthias Zäh is founder and senior designer at MAZ ZAEH Industrial Design.