The new way to prepare dilutions for plate counts

The preparation of serial dilutions has been used for decades for bacterial cell counting. Inlabtec has set itself the task of modernising this traditional method in compliance with the relevant ISO standards. This has resulted in a solution that is in every respect more resource-efficient than conventional methods and which relieves the laboratory technicians in their daily work. The solution guarantees reliable analyses, comfortable working as well as time and cost savings without burdening our environment with an excessive amount of plastic waste.

How Inlabtec has achieved this

Instead of test tubes, the Inlabtec serial dilution system uses small bags, the so-called Serial Dilution Bags. The bags are automatically filled in the Serial Diluter with sterile diluent. After the sample is added into the filled bag, it is automatically mixed by a simple handle movement. The Serial diluter itself is quickly put into operation by connecting the diluent and a 10 ml pipette.

Our solution in the application

See for yourself how easy it is!

Advantages at a glance

Cost savings through simplification
  • Simple bags instead of elaborately prepared test tubes or expensive disposable containers
  • Intuitive use – no extensive user training or specialists necessary
  • Minimum consumable costs for purchasing, transport, storage and disposal after use
  • Low operating costs – quick amortisation

Productivity gain through acceleration
  • Fast commissioning
  • Simplified pipetting – no handling of jars and lids for pipetting and mixing
  • Automatic mixing and diluting by simple lever movement
  • Decommissioning and cleaning after work in no time

Constant reliability and quality through semi automation
  • Constantly precise dilution volume
  • Homogeneous sample dilutions through standardised mixing
  • Clearly defined work steps for high process reliability
  • High purity bags for unrestricted cell growth
  • No differences in the results due to individual working techniques of the laboratory technicians
  • Easy use of any type of diluent from any type of container
  • Minimum space requirement for the system and consumables
Efficiency through user-friendly technologies
  • Reduced risk of stress-realateed complaints from employees
  • Efficient and comfortable working with fewer hand movements
  • Intuitive commissioning and use
  • Can be used in any existing work process
  • Low operating costs – no external maintenance required
Sustainability through sensible use of resources
  • Reduces energy, water and laboratory space requirements
  • 90 % less plastic waste and disposal costs than for conventional consumables
  • 90% less energy required for transport, storage and disposal than with conventional consumables

«All in all, a great thing, I wouldn’t want to give any more!»

Renate Perler, laboratory assistent, Wander AG, Switzerland

«We were able to reduce the cost of consumables by more than 85%!»

Christoph Müller, Aargau Consumer Protection Agency, Switzerland