Large opening for difficult to pipette samples

The large opening of the 1 ml LO Pipette Tips is about 7 times greater than the opening of standard pipette tips. This makes it easy to reliably pipette viscous samples or samples containing particles.
The tips are ideal in combination with the Serial Diluter TA. Because of the wide opening, the diluent flows into a Serial Dilution Bag twice as fast as with standard tips. Due to the large opening the risk of clogging by sample particles is excluded.

Top Quality Pipette Tips

The LO Pipette Tips can be used with all common 1 ml piston pipettes and are suitable for all analytical methods. They are produced from first-granulate polypropylene (PP) and free from enzymes, inhibitors, nucleic acids and pyrogens.

Different types of packaging

The LO Pipette Tips are available in a re-sealable pouch (bulk) or in racks radiation sterilised.

Prices and scope of delivery LO Pipette Tips

The listed prices are in CHF excl. VAT and valid for Switzerland. In other countries, the prices of the respective distribution partner apply.

Part. No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
100200LO Pipette Tips, 100 - 1'000 µl, with large opening Ø 1.9 mm, bulk, 1'000 tips/ bag
100211LO Pipette Tips, 100 - 1'000 µl, with large opening Ø 1.9 mm, racked, 1'000 tips in 10 racks with 100 tips/ rack, sterile

100220Pipette Filter Plugs, universal inlet filter for pipettes with cone openings of ø 3 - 4.5 mm, melamine foam, autoclavable, 50 filters/ sachet Instructions Pipette Filter Plugs

Specifications LO Pipette Tips
Volume100 – 1‘000 µl
Opening diameter1.9 mm
Compatible 1 ml pipettesBiohit/ Sartorius, Brand, Capp, Eppendorf, Gilson, Finnpipette/ ThermoLabsystems, Nichiryo, Rainin/ Mettler Toledo, Socorex, Accumax, Wheaton, etc. with standard cone.

Note: It's important to check the performance of your pipette and tips prior to use so that any adjustments can be made to obtain the best accuracy and precision.
MaterialHighest quality, virgin polypropylene (PP), free of DNA, RNA, DNase, RNase, Pyrogens, PCR-Inhibitors, clear and colorless
Fulfilled standards/ guidelinesDIN EN ISO 8655, DIN EN ISO 13485, EU directive 98/79/EC (CE IVD)
Types of packaging

Non-sterile tips in re-sealable bags polyethylene bag or pre-sterilized by gamma radiation in racks (PP)
Number of tips per packaging1'000 tips

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