Systems for serial dilutions in bags

In 2014, Inlabtec launched the Serial Diluter TA (patented), the first system for serial sample dilution in bags. This was followed by the Serial Diluter SA, which allows the use of pipette straws instead of 1 ml pipette tips. The Serial Diluter UA has been developed and launched due to the customer need to be able to freely use any type of pipette, including filtered pipette tips.
Read more about the individual models and their special features below.

Serial Diluter UA

Connect the diluent and a 10 ml pipette, insert bags and start diluting! The new Serial Diluter UA with integrated mixer and intelligent process monitoring guarantees reliable and efficient dilution of samples for viable cell counts.
The procedure is 100 % identical to the ISO method – instead of pipetting into a test tube filled with 9 ml of Diluent, pipette into a filled bag. The Serial Diluter UA is available in six or twelve-stage versions.

Serial Diluter TA

With the pioneer model Serial Diluter TA, the sample is placed in the bag together with the tip. The diluent then rinses the sample from the tip followed by a sterile air blast into the bag.
This proven method works reliably with all samples examined in a food control laboratory. The Serial Diluter TA is also available in six or twelve stage versions.
Please note that in contrast to the Serial Diluter UA, no pipette tips with filter can be used for diluting. The reason for this is that the diluting solution must flow unhindered through the pipette tip.

Serial Diluter SA

The method of operation is the same as with the Serial Diluter TA: place the sample, including the tip of the stem, into the first bag and attach the dosing arm for automatic dilution at the touch of a button – it’s as simple as that! Like the Serial Diluter TA, the Diluent flows through the culm for mixing and diluting.