Filter Plugs ease supply bottlenecks

Due to the high number of Covid-19 tests worldwide, 1 ml filtered pipette tips have become a rare commodity. Many laboratories can no longer procure these tips in sufficient quantities. Alternatively, Inlabtec Pipette Filter Plugs provide reliable protection of the pipette against contamination in standard microbiological applications.

For the applied SARS-CoV-2-RT-PCR tests, filtered tips are a must in order to prevent false positive results due to cross-contamination, since minimal sample residues, e.g. those transferred by aerosols, are sufficient for detectable DNA amplification.

For classical methods in microbiology, filtered tips are primarily a protection against contamination of the pipette by splashes and the associated risk of cross-contamination by viable, colony-forming microorganisms.

The universal and inexpensive Inlabtec Pipette Filter Plugs 100220 can be used with pipettes from various manufacturers and offer effective protection against pipette contamination and cross-contamination of samples.

This allows the hard-to-find 1 ml filter tips to be used exclusively for molecular biological methods and unfiltered tips for standard microbiological methods without compromising reliability and sample integrity.

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