New Inlabtec Serial Diluter UA

The new Serial Diluter UA is a universal sample diluter for the preparation of decimal dilutions for microbiological testing. An integrated bag mixer makes it suitable for all sample matrices including viscous, fat-rich or sugar-containing samples such as cream, egg yolk, syrup, etc.

The bag mixer was developed especially for the Inlabtec Serial Dilution Bags. These bags are used for sample dilutions for microbiological testing of food, feed, water, cosmetics, probiotics etc. and are optimised for maximum mixing efficiency and minimum material requirements. With the Serial Diluter UA, even difficult samples are homogeneously diluted and compared to pre-filled disposable containers, the amount of waste is at least ten times less and the cost of consumables is reduced by up to 90%.

With the universal Serial Diluter UA all common types of pipette tips, filter tips, straw tips etc. can be used. The basic working process is identical to the ISO standard method. The difference is that pipetting is done into a bag instead of a test tube and mixing is automatic instead of manual mixing with a vortexer. Since there are no containers and caps to be handled, the workflow is further simplified and the risk of complaints caused by routine work is reduced. Overall, dilutions are more efficient and less prone to error and there is no need for changing internal validated laboratory protocols.

The new Serial Diluter UA will be presented at the IAFP Annual Meeting 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky, July 21-24, booth no. 413 in cooperation with Seward Laboratory Systems, Inc. introduced.