Effortless Microbial Dilutions with Inlabtec’s Advanced Technology

Serial dilutions are a crucial step in microbiological analysis, allowing enumeration of viable microorganisms through concentration reduction. The traditional serial dilution method involves using capped glass test tubes filled with 9 ml of sterile diluent, where 1 ml of the sample is pipetted into the first tube, mixed, and then transferred to the next, creating a decimal dilution series.

The widely used serial dilution method, which requires pre-filled glass test tubes, offers a well-established and dependable option. However, the manual process can be time-consuming and labour-intensive, as it involves the careful preparation of filled, sterile test tubes and requires proper handling and mixing techniques to ensure reliable dilutions for accurate results. If the preparation of test tubes is replaced by pre-filled disposable containers, material costs increase, and considerable amounts of unwanted plastic waste are generated.

Inlabtec’s Eco-Smart Dilution Bags

Our goal was to combine the convenience of pre-filled containers for sample dilutions with modern sustainable resource management, which led to the development of our bag system for the following advantages:

Reduced Plastic Usage: We aimed to significantly cut down on plastic consumption by introducing Serial Dilution Bags in a dedicated filling process. These bags, when used with our Serial Diluters, accomplish the same dilution task using significantly less plastic material than other prefilled plastic containers.

Environmental Responsibility: In response to mounting environmental concerns, our bag system minimizes plastic waste generation, contributing to a more responsible and eco-friendly approach to microbiological analysis.

Cost Efficiency: Our system’s bags offer notable cost advantages compared to pre-filled plastic containers. The reduced material cost of the bags, combined with the efficiency of our dedicated filling process, results in substantial cost savings.

Revolutionizing the Lab: Traditional vs. Inlabtec’s Innovative Approach

Working StepTraditional MethodInlabtec Method
Preparations for a serial dilutionHave filled test tubes ready at the workplace. Place the test tubes required for a dilution series clearly arranged in a separate rack.Start up Serial Diluter.
Insert bags and turn dosing lever to the front.
Transfer 1 ml sample into 9 ml diluentTake a test tube, remove the cap, pipette the sample into the test tube and close the test tube again.Pipette the sample into the bag.
Mix sample and diluentPress the test tube with the sample onto the Vortexer for totally > 5 seconds. Alternate between pressing and releasing to create turbulence in the test tube for a homogenous mixture.Automatic Serial Diluter: no action needed.

Semi-Automatic Serial Diluter: Move the dosing lever to the right.
Transfer 1 ml diluted sample into Petri dish and/ or perform next dilution stepUncap the test tube again and pipette from the dilution into the Petri dishes and/or into a next test tube to perform a further dilution. Store used test tubes separately from unused test tubes to prevent errors due to mix-ups.Pipette from the dilution into Petri dishes and/or into next bag to perform a further dilution.

Advantages of the Inlabtec Solution

Cost savings through simplification
  • Say goodbye to complicated test tube preparation and high-cost disposable containers with our simple-to-use Serial Dilution Bags
  • No specialist training or expertise required for intuitive operation
  • Save on costs with our solution, which offers lower purchasing, transportation, storage, and disposal expenses compared to traditional consumables

Productivity gain through acceleration
  • Effortlessly commission your system with a simple connection of diluent and pipette
  • Simply pipette into our Serial Dilution Bags for fast and standardized dilution
  • Say goodbye to handling multiple test tubes and caps, and enjoy the convenience of automated mixing
  • Decommissioning and cleaning are a breeze, making it quick and easy to finish up after a productive day

Constant reliability and quality through semi automation
  • Achieve precise and consistent dilution results every time with our Serial Dilution Solution
  • Benefit from homogenized sample dilutions through standardized mixing
  • Enjoy a clear and reliable process with defined work steps
  • Our high purity bags ensure unrestricted cell growth for sensitive microorganisms
  • Eliminate variations in results caused by individual technicians’ techniques
  • Use any type of diluent from any container with ease
  • Save valuable lab space with our compact system and consumables
Efficiency through user-friendly technologies
  • Protect your employees from stress-related complaints with our Serial Dilution Solution, designed for minimal hand movements
  • Commission and operate with ease, thanks to its intuitive design
  • Integrate seamlessly into your existing work processes
  • Enjoy low operating costs, with no need for regular external maintenance
Sustainability through sensible use of resources
  • Make a positive impact on the environment with our Serial Dilution Solution
  • Reduce energy, water, and laboratory space usage compared to test tube methods
  • Benefit from a 90% reduction in plastic waste and disposal costs, as well as lower energy consumption for transportation, storage, and disposal, compared to conventional consumable

Experience the Swiss-engineered ease and efficiency of Inlabtec’s serial dilution solution and discover the benefits of our Serial Diluters today!

Savings Calculator

For equipment, the related cost savings and the payback period are of interest. The savings calculator provides initial answers to these questions. For a precise profitability analysis, however, the distributor must be contacted. There are country-specific price differences as well as the price of Serial Dilution Bags is lower, the greater the demand. Because of simplicity and internationality, calculations are based on US Dollars [USD].